Dr Frankie Phillips

A registered dietitian and nutritionist with 25 years’ experience working in academia, industry, charity, and public sectors.

With a first class honours degree in nutrition and dietetics, and a PhD in vegetarian nutrition, she has a wealth of experience in the field of plant-
based diets and more. Her wealth of experience leaves her well-placed to comment on nutrition and food issues and she is often asked to comment in broadcast, digital and print media on behalf of the British Dietetic Association, covering a range of high-profile and sometimes controversial topics.
Frankie is also an expert in childhood nutrition, with a qualification in paediatric dietetics. She has written articles on early years nutrition for publications and is a writer for BBC Good Food. Her expertise is put into practical, hands-on use, in her work as an advisor to several early years settings,
based on her own experience as mum to her four children.

Years of research, writing and consultancy has given Frankie a refreshingly real, pragmatic approach to the communication of evidence-based nutrition advice across the lifespan.

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