How To Get Thicker Hair

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To make your hair thicker can be less about the products you use and more to do with hormones, genetics and diet. Find out how you can get thicker hair here.

There are many out there that suffer from having thin, delicate and damaged hair, but there are also those who have thick, bouncy and full hair. There is no real way to change the texture of your hair follicles, but there may be ways to make your hair appear thicker and fuller, whilst reducing breakages and hair loss.

Thinning hair is very common and can affect anyone. Many factors, such as aging, allergies to certain chemicals, illnesses, or poor diet, can all contribute to the loss or thinning of hair. In this article, we will list 5 ways to make your hair thicker and how to maintain it.

Why do some people have thicker hair than others?woman brushing hair

There are over 7.753 billion people in the world and issues with hair affect people differently, some may not have any issues with thin and fragile hair, whereas some will suffer from hair loss and hair thinning. The main difference is density. The density of someone’s hair is determined by the number of hair strands in one square inch of the head.

However, the thickness of someone’s hair is based solely on the thickness and of the strand and the hair follicle, which affects the overall thickness of the hair. This is all a product of your genetic pool. There are many other traits that are determined by our genes, such as the colour of our hair, our skin colour, eye colour and overall build and shape.

Does lifestyle affect our hair thickness?

There have been studies to show that hair thickness is an indicator of good health. Poor lifestyle choices can definitely affect overall hair health. There are 4 common lifestyle factors that have been proven to affect the way in which your hair grows, or in fact the thickness of those follicles.


Smoking is one of those daily habits that can cause quite a bit of harm to our bodies. Smoking, is a habit that can accelerate the aging process, which could lead to hair losing its thickness and to baldness in some men. It has been shown that smoking can cause damage to the DNA of hair follicle which therefore leads to hair thinning, and ultimately hair loss.


Stress is a natural occurrence in life, but if you seem to be more susceptible to the stresses of life, as designed by biology, our hair is quite sensitive to stress. Any changes that happen internally can cause your hair to thin and even start to fall out.

Vitamin Deficiencywoman looking at hair in mirror

Vitamins are extremely important and support the healthy function of our bodies. If you are deficient in vitamins, your hair will be visibly affected. Some of those vitamins that are crucial for healthy hair growth are zinc, iron and biotin. Making sure you are receiving a sufficient amount of these vitamins daily; will ensure you have healthy and fuller looking hair.


Much like with making sure you are receiving enough vitamins, eating the right foods will aid this process. Making sure you have enough red meats, fruit and vegetables in your diet, will make sure your hair stays glossy, healthy and thick.

Is it possible to get thicker hair?

As mentioned, the thickness of your hair is dependent on the thickness of your hair follicle. Naturally, as we age, the shape, size and thickness of the follicle changes. During the aging process, the hair follicle can shrink. By maintaining the overall health and strength of the follicle, this will help to create a thicker strand of hair during the follicles maturing.

5 ways to grow thicker hair

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magical hair growth oil that will magically restore and thicken your hair. However, there are a few things you can do to aid the process of thickening your hair, as well as maintaining and supporting hair health.

Wash your hair, but with the right shampoo

Washing your hair isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to thickening those follicles, however, it does have a part to play. Make sure to wash your hair every other day, this doesn’t only help to keep your scalp healthy, but it also removed excess oil that is clogging up your roots, which can be weighing down on fine, or thinning hair, which enables it to grow out thicker.

If you are a person that tends to only wash your hair once a week and relies heavily on dry shampoo, this can lead to dandruff, which can jump start hair thinning. Choosing the right shampoo is vital, if you have sensitive skin on your body, chances are your scalp will be the same too, don’t treat it any differently. If you use a shampoo that irritates the scalp, this may lead to hair loss, which intern will result in your hair looking limp and lifeless.

Make sure you are getting enough vitamins

This is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to get thicker, healthier looking hair. If you suffer from a vitamin deficiency, this can affect your scalp and hair condition. The best vitamins to take are multivitamins if you want to ensure you’re receiving an all-around dose. However, great vitamin choices are also biotin, iron, vitamins B12, and D3. All these vitamins help to contribute to your hairs thickness.

It isn’t all about taking vitamins either, you can receive a lot of the vitamins such as iron, biotin, and vitamins B12 from food sources in your diet. Supplements should be taken if you think you are deficient, and after consulting your doctor on the best steps forward.

Use a hair maskwoman using hairmask

Hair masks have been created to aid in hair thickness and to help promote overall healthy hair growth. When using a hair mask, try to use one that promotes healthy hair growth and helps to cleanse and protect the scalp. A deep treatment of the scalp 2 to 3 times a week builds a great foundation for growing thick hair.

Get regular hair cuts

Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you have to get it all cut off, just a trim off the bottom regularly. Getting your hair trimmed every 5 to 6 weeks can help the hair look thicker and healthy. It also avoids any snapping or snagging from dead ends as they split.

Brush your hair, gently

Most people tend to brush their hair in seconds, ending in them yanking and pulling at their hair. This doesn’t help the growth of your hair, and can end up pulling quite a bit out. The way you brush your hair really can affect the overall thickness and health of the hair.

When trying to grow thicker hair, choose a ceramic-barrel brush when blow-drying. Or, if you are a more natural drier, or just for everyday brushing, try and use a tangle teaser. The bristles in these brushes are not as harsh on the hair and tend to glide through better, rather than snapping the hair or being too harsh. Brushing your hair with a gentler brush will allow your hair to be put under less stress and therefore strengthening the follicle, and allowing it to grow stronger and thicker.

On top of making sure to look after your hair with softer products and taking enough vitamins, always stay hydrated and healthy. When using any heat on your hair, make sure to also use a heat protective spray, so that you aren’t breaking your hairs protective oil layer.

Now that you know how to get thicker hair, why not discover how to grow your hair quicker?


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